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Welcome to the Toyinsoft page. Here Musicfreakdomites would get to read, feel and hear things from the Youth perspective. Site analysis has shown our audiences are predominantly of the age range 24-35 years so it makes sense to have a page where somebody in that generation would write for them because he or she could best feel their pulse. Toyin is uncensored she writes things from her own perspective. The views expressed here are entirely hers. Enjoy!

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The demand from music fans for their favorite performers to tour once more in 2023 is becoming increasingly louder. Vivid Seats breaks down below the possibility of each big musical act announcing a 2023 tour, given that numerous acts could tour.


Nigeria from the early 1950s until the late 1990s before hip-hop arrived and took over the entire nation. Hip-hop music has received a lot of airplay recently and seems to be dominating Nigeria's electronic media. The 1930s saw the expansion of this musical genre from Ghana, where it was thought to have originated, to other West African nations like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, and Nigeria via Ghanaian laborers. The music is frequently played live by bands, which are collections of vocalists and musicians.


Some musicians go out on the road and never return. But there are nearly always concerns when a well-known musician passes away at a young age. Numerous "27 Club" members committed suicide or overdosed on drugs. Incredibly mysterious deaths of musicians have occurred frequently throughout history. Some of the biggest mysteries in music, like the gunshot murders of Sam Cooke, Biggie, and Tupac, as well as the alleged suicide of Elliott Smith, have become the stuff of mythology.


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Franklin’s mother, Barbara, was a gospel singer and pianist. Her father, C.L. Franklin, presided over the New Bethel Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan, and was a minister of national influence. A singer himself, he was noted for his brilliant sermons, many of which were recorded by Chess Records. Her parents separated when she was six, and Franklin remained with her father in Detroit. Her mother died when Aretha was 10. As a young teen, Franklin performed with her father on his gospel programs in major cities throughout the country and was recognized as a vocal prodigy. Her central influence, Clara Ward of the renowned Ward Singers, was a family friend. Other gospel greats of the day—Albertina Walker and Jackie Verdell—helped shape young Franklin’s style. Her album The Gospel Sound of Aretha Franklin (1956) captures the electricity of her performances as a 14-year-old.


She has a sister named Rina Lipa and a brother named Gjin Lipa. Her parents, ethnic Albanians from Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, had migrated to Europe to escape violence and oppression in the 1990s.She was influenced by her singer father, even though she was not pressured to become a singer. Following a negative experience in high school, she attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School part-time, where the teacher put her with older students to build her confidence.


Aya comes from generations of West African oral storytellers. In an interview with Dazed she acknowledges the importance of her background, ‘I would never have found this path if my mother was not a griot. Her singing is very much part of my story.’ Only now, it is Aya Nakamura’s story that is making headlines. And for a Mali born, French-speaking artist named after a TV superhero, it’s one worth hearing! 

Today, we are used to seeing Aya on stage, on billboards and in music videos, but she remembers how once upon a time she couldn’t have imagined such attention, ‘When I was a child, I said to myself, “There’s no chance I could ever do what my mom is doing.” She had such a strong, confident voice and presence; I was far too shy to even think of singing in front of a crowd myself.’

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their majority owner is a French media conglomerate called Vivendi, and a Chinese tech company, Tencent, owns a minority share. They have a gigantic group of labels and brands that work under this umbrella company. Their catalog includes companies all across the globe, from Argentina to the United States and 40 countries in-between.

Capitol Music Group, Def Jam Recordings, Fame House, Interscope Geffen AM, Island Records, Polygram Entertainment, Republic Records, Spinefarm Records, Universal Music Enterprises, Universal Music Group Nashville, Universal Music Latin Entertainment,Universal Music Publishing Group and Verve Label Group.


A different vision of school as Hell, albeit one that looked a lot more fun than anything Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe cooked up. Samuel Bayer’s video for Nirvana’s career-making single subverted the high-school pep rally, turning it into an anarchic free-for-all complete with slow-motion cheerleaders, and kids storming down from the bleachers (including future Fear Factory singer Burton C Bell) while a janitor keeps time with his mop like a human metronome. Kurt Cobain’s face is obscured almost all the way through, either by the demonic sepia-tinged lighting or his own lank fringe – ironic, given how famous he became (he insisted on the leering close up at the end).

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The music industry, populated by outlandish personalities and mercurial performers, is no stranger to scandal. Musicians have been at the center of controversies ranging from theft to fraud to murder, and the tabloid media has been there to catalog every misstep. There's something oddly satisfying about watching the most successful and glamorous people on Earth make career-defining mistakes. Some of our favorite artists and musicians are living proof that being in the public eye isn't easy and that not even tremendous amounts of fame and fortune can save them from being involved in some crazy controversies.

After Eve-Olution, Jeffers mostly confined herself to guest appearances on records by other artists, including Amerie, Kelly Rowland and Ludacris. She released a couple of singles, "Tambourine" and "Give It to You" (feat. Sean Paul) in 2007, but her fourth album did not follow as expected. There were differences between Eve and Interscope, which distributed Ruff Ryders, and Eve left the label in 2010. She eventually released the album, Lip Lock, independently, but sales were disappointing.

Faded" is a song by British-Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker with vocals provided by Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim. The single was originally set to be released on 25 November 2015, but was postponed to 3 December. The song was highly successful, peaking in the top 10 in most of the countries. It charted in, and reached the top spot in more than 10 countries. 


Mars signed with the record company Motown in 2004. Although no recordings resulted, the relationship did pave the way for Mars’s introduction to songwriter Philip Lawrence. Mars, Lawrence, and sound engineer Ari Levine began writing and producing songs for other artists under the name the Smeezingtons, creating new music with a vintage feel. Popular songs produced by the Smeezingtons included “Long Distance” (2008) for contemporary rhythm-and-blues (R&B) singer Brandy, “Right Round” (2009) for hip-hop MC Flo Rida, and “Wavin’ Flag” (2009) for Somalian Canadian rapper K’Naan; the latter became the theme song for the FIFA World Cup 2010.


NF is featured on Flame's song "Start Over" and TobyMac's song "Til the Day I Die" on his album This Is Not a Test. His song "Intro" is featured in the video game Madden NFL 16. NF's songs have been featured on ESPN, VH1, Showtime, NBC's Chicago P.D., Grimm, Shades of Blue and also featured in the season finale trailer of Fox's Empire. His music video for "Intro" exclusively premiered on's homepage, and the video has also appeared on MTVU, Absolute Punk, 2Dopeboyz, Raps & Hustles and The College Dropouts.


He released his first EP “Its Different Vow'' on August 22, 2018, on which he got features from O.T Genasis and Futuristic. He also has another EP titled “Fuck Love", both of which were released under his label Daniel Dax Entertainment. Dax has collaborated with his fellow rappers like Quadecci, Deji, Scru, Face Jean, Crypt, and CHVSE.

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The BTS group known as the Bangtan Boys group consists of seven members from South Korea. The band began in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under the Big Hit Entertainment. The septet—composed of Jin,  Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and JungKook—co-writes and co-produces much of their output. Originally a hip-hop group, their musical style has evolved to include a wide range of genres.

Europiana celebrates love and relationships in a nostalgic retro foray, evoking the European summers of his youth. Several songs on Europiana on where its predecessor left off, with a sound so passionate and unique that you wonder if the backing tracks were recorded in the 90s. Savoretti favors instant choruses and big emotions. His voice, while forever rasping, is not as throaty as it used to be.


I was thrilled by the song titled Suzanna sung by  East African Musicians called Sauti-Sol. This song actually was  soul lifting for me while I was enjoying my leisure period and thanks to my friend for sharing the song with me because I really enjoyed it. So, I said to myself I need to share this jarring band and everything I found out about them with you, I shouldn't be the only one to benefit from this.

It's amazing how we listen and groove to various genres of music, but we never can remember the voice or the artist behind it. Let's just say they were meant to give us a hit and leave or should I say the music industry was never meant for them despite their one hit song?