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Burnaboy is it

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Burna is it o. If there is one artist that is making waves the world over, it is Burnaboy.He has absolutely stamped his feet on the entertainment firmament and I am not shy to say he has displaced Davido, Wizkid, Timaya, Sakodi, Tuface, P square brothers and the rest music superstars. His shows are all sold out the world over. He is tall, sure, rugged sure of himself to the position of almost arrogance and takes no prisoners. He is so big now that his African giant album was recommended for the Grammys and only lost narrowly to Agelique Kidjo.


He was born in 1991 in Port Harcourt Nigeria to Mrs and Mrs Ogulu. His father was a big time businessman welder and his mother a lecturer and a translator and a one time member of Fela Anikulapo Kuti's band.

Mr and Mrs Ogulu

Burnaboy's grandfather Benson Idonije was a one time Manager of Fela Kuti.

Burnaboy lived for some time in Lagos and actually went to Corona School ( abeg not the Virus o) He was packaged to london at age 17 to further his studies but came back after 2 years as he could not really focus on his studies because music was his passion.

He moved back to Port Harcourt and it was said he would load his power generator in his car trunk and head to the Bush infested with militants at great risk to himself and there he used to get his peace and quiet to practice his music and horn his skills.

This period could be classified as his underground days.

In 2010 he got his first break when a DJ played one of his demo's on radio and the sound was good. The rest they say is history. This by the way were the so called mixed tape days. This is when you literally release singles and sometimes give away for free so you could be known.


Like every successful artist and public persona Burna is not without controversy and at some point must have mixed with some HARD MEN which must have rubbed off on him, hence his tough mien and Burna I can assure you is no interviewers delight.

The 1st song that really launched him to superstardom was " LIKE TO PARTY" from the album LIFE in 2012. Since then and even before he had had such hit tracks like

Run Ya Race, Celebrate, Rockstar, Soke, Yawa Dey, Mandem, Hallelujah, Ye, Anybody, Dangote just to mention a few.

The aspect of Burna's success that fascinates musicfreakdom most is the phenomenal success recorded between years 2019 and 2020 that has turned him to the biggest star in Africa and one of the world's great. A true AFRICAN GIANT.

Burna is so big that his single"On the Low" has gotten over M100 views on YouTube and recently it went gold in France without any promotion whatsoever

Burna boy has featured recently on all the big shows and celebrity medium, he is modeling clothes and rolling with the likes of Drake and Kanye West.


Oluwaburna phenomenon is hitting the world like a Virus and everybody wants him, he has sold out concerts in New York, California, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Denmark to mention a few.

Burna boy shows

Love Life

Oluwaburna is known to date women but on the discreet level, he is not in the business of baby mamaism . In any case the woman or girl has to get past the Iron lady who doubles as his manager and mother. Madam Bose Ogulu. Rumor has it he is in an on and off relationship with Teflon Don, not that you can get any confirmation from Burna, a known taciturn guy.


He has been nominated for several awards he has lost a couple and has won some, among which are;

South South music awards

Nigeria Entertainment award.

Soundcity MVP awards Festival

BET Awards

The Headies

MTV Europe music awards

African music awards

Soundcity MVP awards Festival.

Burna's mum accepting Bet awards on his behalf

Burna boy hangs out in Quilox in VI in Lagos and other celebrity joints and is a collector of cars .

Many thanks to Wikipedia for plenty of the material and a million thanks to the media whose pictures we have used to showcase Oluwaburna.

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