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His personal style also enters a new era. It's incredible to imagine that Kanye is still influencing today's fashion zeitgeist almost 20 years after he released The College Dropout, his debut album. Admit it, you bought a pair of shutter sunglasses in the late '80s after spotting Yeezy sporting a pair. Don't even pretend that you didn't want to wear the classic The Life of Pablo merchandise or the Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt he wore while on the Watch The Throne tour. Kanye's fashion sense has never stopped developing, whether it's through the use of Polo Bear sweaters, Maison Margiela face masks, Yeezy Adidas sneakers, or industrial Red Wing boots combined with Yeezy Gap Round Jackets.











Additionally, his varied interests in high fashion and streetwear have resulted in significant partnerships with brands including Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Nike, and the Gap. Kanye's effect on how people dress endures even as up-and-coming rappers take on the role of this generation's new style idols.
















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Fashion Style: Yeezus merch, bomber jackets, distressed denim, and diamond-encrusted Margiela masks

It's safe to say that the popularity of the Yeezus tour merchandise sold by Kanye West served as the impetus for that. Skeletons praying or dressed as the Grim Reaper were shown in the artwork of the T-shirts by artist Wes Lang, best known for his work with heavy metal royalty Metallica. The clothing line also sold the famed Confederate flag-adorned olive green bomber, which wore horribly over time. But thanks in large part to Kanye, the traditional military jacket without the flag did become a popular item at that time. Around this time, Kanye started incorporating items like distressed jeans and droopy, faded T-shirts into his style to fit the album's rebellious tone.




Fashion Style: TLOP merch, Adidas Yeezys, Adidas track pants, and earth-toned sportswear












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In 2016, Kenye West With his Yeezy apparel brand, at last, established himself as a successful designer. With items like roomy T-shirts, bombers, and women's bodysuits dominating the first two seasons, drapey, earthy sportswear became its trademark. But the real show was Yeezy Season 3. On a February afternoon in 2011, Kanye filled Madison Square Garden with fans eager to see his most recent creation. Models were positioned in the center of the arena on enormous cubes for the unconventional presentation arrangement.


It became more sought after because Kanye was frequently spotted wearing it. He occasionally wore luxury clothing, but for the most part, you could count on seeing him in black hoodies, sweatpants, TLOP merchandise, and a never-ending supply of his Adidas Yeezy sneakers. It was a uniform that was quite distinctive. And many of his supporters did the same. With friends including Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, Kanye released his new album The Life of Pablo while jumping around in celebration.


With friends including Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, Kanye released his new album The Life of Pablo while jumping around in celebration.


Not to mention the TLOP merchandise that accompanied it. The most notable at this moment is arguably the maroon long sleeve with infrared lettering that Ye wore to the Yeezy Season 3 show and the airbrush-inspired tribute to his mother Donda and Robert Kardashian. But these were by no means the only things. Variations of the "I Feel Like..." merchandise, written in Old English, were being sold in pop-up shops all around the nation.


2018 YE

Fashion Style: Dad hats, trippy streetwear, and basics
















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Rapper Kanye West started dividing his time more between his tranquil residences in Calabasas, California, and Cody, Wyoming, after he was admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric emergency. At this point, Kanye seemed to take a step back and wore more subdued attire. items like sweatpants or Brain Dead T-shirts paired with cozy Yeezy Adidas shoes. He typically wore a zip-up hoodie or a plain button-up shirt with nothing else on. When Kanye did make an appearance at notable public events, such as the Ye release party or Virgil Abloh's first Louis Vuitton show, he spruced up his suits with vibrant graphic long sleeves that included original art with a DIY style.

However, even in the cold, when people start to dress seriously, Kanye kept it simple. He would show up with only a basic black sweatshirt, pants, and a pair of white sneakers, not even a shearling Yeezy coat. Even though Kanye didn't exactly dress in his most iconic looks at this time and is probably most known for donning a red MAGA hat, he still managed to create a look that was all his own.



Fashion Style: Robes, tunics, workwear, denim, and blue Yeezy Gap “Perfect” hoodies. 












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To put it mildly, Kanye West's style throughout this time was primarily cool and collected. Kanye wore colored, baggy T-shirts for his Jesus Is King performances that resembled tunics worn by monks at a monastery in the Alps. At his performances for the opera Mary that accompanied Jesus Is King, Kanye even went so far as to paint his face silver and dress in a long silver robe, taking his religiously inspired appearances to a whole new level. Nevertheless, some of Kanye's most iconic ensembles from this period comprised attire that displayed his abiding love for workwear and denim. Kanye, for instance, attended the 2020 Met Gala dressed head to toe in Dickie's and frequently wore jeans from the Tremaine Emory x Levi's collaboration Denim Tears. Additionally, he started frequently donning a blue "Perfect" hoodie, which despite lacking pockets always looked good on Kanye, to tease the Yeezy Gap line.


2021 DONDA


Custom face masks, Yeezy Gap Round Jackets, and Balenciaga Crocs













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Seeing the clothing that will accompany a new Kanye West album is one of the nicest parts of the release. He once more developed a new signature style for his most recent album, Donda, which listeners will always be able to associate with the record. His face masks were one of the standout items this time. He obviously adored the Margiela masks from his Yeezus tour because he chose to use the idea again. Some of them have featured full facial coverings with pictures of growling panthers, like the one he was seen wearing earlier this month at the Balenciaga Fall 2021 couture show.

He walked around a barren Mercedes-Benz Stadium floor during the first Donda listening session in Atlanta while wearing a vivid red rendition of the puffy Round Jacket. He also made a few appearances wearing the blue and black color schemes. But the most significant change from the Donda era may be his growing involvement with Demna's Balenciaga. Ye the Georgian designer not only contributed to the graphics of the second and third Donda listening sessions and created merchandise fo butr both events, he also developed a role as an unofficial brand ambassador.

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