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From Freakdom Heights 

Welcome to  Musicfreakdom. My name is Emmanuel, aka Odogwu Catford. 

I am going to be navigating Musicfreakdom from the heights of the funk

towers.We at Musicfreakdom are constantly evolving and would be bringing

new changes soon.

We have a new Writer simply called Bimpe, she would be contributing two

blog stories per month.WE would introduce a talent page, where budding artists

can showcase


we would also have a You Page where your voices and opinions would be

heard and finallya Campus Challenge page where University and higher

institutions students talk about their social lives on campus. Finally Samuel

would be posting trending music everyfortnight on this page. 

Much to expect from Musicfreakdom.




Audio Screen


Holding a Microphone





Here We roll out the Drums and celebrate the lives of freakdomites. Their happy occasions like birthdays, weddings, Graduations, Launchings, and other happy occasions. Feel free to send us lovely pictures and we would post them​​


 Welcome to the TOYINSOFT Page. She is obviously young and
would be writing from a young person's perspective.
Demographics show our audience are predominantly in the
age bracket 24-35 so it is only proper we get someone who
could as it were feel their pulse. Toyin is exciting and brilliant. Enjoy!


Welcome to the Gracebiz page. This is our lady about town who would keep you Freakdomites up to date with the latest Celebrity gists, she is into the corporate world and she would help advertise your brands and promote your businesses and image. Grace would also showcase your events, like weddings, birthdays, concerts, graduations, and all that on this site, so you get to be seen by literally the whole world. Grace is versatile, witty, and chatty, visit her page and enjoy exhilarating moments.

Vinyl & Tapes

Welcome to the Vinyl & Tapes page where you get to listen to, and also watch the videos of the top 20 songs that were topping the charts at a particular moment in time. We would direct you to musicfreakdom Youtube channel to see the videos. The page is open to audience participation as we have a comments section where our audience could request the top 20 songs of the particular year of their choice and genre of music. 

Life comes in style! it rolls and rocks and as we live each rhythm it transports us into different realms and grades which are packed with luxuries and expenses but for our music artists life plays a different beat.

We delight to bring our audience glimpses into the celebrity lifestyles, the glamorous lives they live that you and I crave for, their dresses and cars dripping with class, the breath taking houses they live in the exquisite  vacations  they take and of course their mind boggling net worth. So please join us on the ride


Music Stars Life & Style


Immerse yourself in a nostalgic journey through the captivating world of old tracks and songs. Explore the rich tapestry of musical history as we delve into forgotten gems and beloved classics from bygone eras. From vintage vinyl records to iconic melodies, join us in rediscovering the timeless beauty and enduring appeal of these treasured musical masterpieces. Step back in time and let the melodies of the past transport you to a world of unforgettable musical moments.


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