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Welcome to Vinyl & Tapes

Music has evolved with technology, in days gone by DJ's used to carry their Vinyl records in racks and used trucks to log their equipment to concerts.  There  used to be a scientist named Moore's, who postulated that  the number of transistors in a microchip doubles every two years, meaning, the processing power of microchips increases while their size and cost decreases. Simply put in layman's language, more costs less. and  less can contain more. Example, the processing power of say an Iphone 10  is more powerful than all the computing power of all the computers used to send man to the moon. So going back to our story, a DJ today can have 10,000 songs in a 1 " i.e one inch long flash drive no wider than the thumb. in the days gone by, the Dj would have hired a 2 ton truck to carry all the vinyl records and tapes containing the songs.

so in Vinyl and Tapes we would go back in time and pick 20 songs out of the top 40 songs reigning at the beginning of a particular month, list the songs, and provide a link to our YOUTUBE channel where you could get to hear the songs 

audience participation is welcome as  our audience have the privilege of picking the particular moment in time they want to hear the songs. 


Our top 20 songs were pulled from the week ending 8th Dec 1979

If you were a teenager in the late 70's you must have danced to the monster song "Ladies Night"  By Kool & the Gang. It was a show stopper guaranteed to fill up the dancefloor. It was an international hit, was it then a surprise that the song and the album went Platinum. 

Image: Amazon Music

Carl Douglas( image:Pinterest)

Our 20 songs  would be pulled out from the US Top 40 singles, of the week ending 7th Dec.  1974

Carl Douglas's Kung Fu fighting was a global hit in the mid 70's, just play the track and empty dancefloors became full. At musicfreakdom we have a compilation of the top  20 songs that reigned in this era. Click the link below and see the Videos on our Youtube Channel

Top 20 songs for week ending 7th July 1970

I suggest people look at the picture to your left so you know from where Michael Jackson started, This 5 man group from Gary Indiana changed the world with their Hit track ABC, from then on they went on to do great things.

Please click the link below to see the videos of these guys and other great Artists that rocked the 70's

Jackson 5 (image:Lastfm)

Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond( Image: Amazon.)

US Top 20 Singles week Ending 2nd December 1978

The late 70's had the best music ever played. Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond killed everyone with, "You don't send me flowers". listen to this beautiful song and 19 other beautiful songs on our Youtube channel from the link Below.

The internet is the biggest library in the world and we have gotten the list of songs for our first post from, and the link to the posts is 

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