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These days, Costa Rica is producing a lot of talented musicians. It appears like every kind of music is covered here. San Jose is the finest place to go if you want to catch some live music performed by some of Costa Rica's most modern bands. That being said, there are occasionally smaller, regional events held in pubs and at temporary music venues in the beach villages of Tamarindo or Jaco. Some bands are becoming well-known worldwide, while others are largely unknown outside of Costa Rica.

Los Waldners
When Los Waldners published their debut album, Eclipse Total del Corazón, in 2014, it became an instant sensation in Latin America. This indie pop group has a new, catchy sound. The four-piece group is making some amazing songs with deep, meaningful lyrics and energetic sounds. They are undoubtedly worth checking out as they are currently among San Jose's best bands. They have released two excellent albums.

Image from Toc Times

Los Fenomenos y Vos

Orlando Diaz and José Saenz are the two masterminds of Vos y Los Fenomenos, an experimental band. Other than the fact that they are so unique from the others, it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes this band so exceptional. Their music has a flowing, trance-like feel to it. It simply sort of snatches hold of you. Nevertheless, there is no denying that this team is incredibly gifted and a powerhouse in music. Their music is available on Bandcamp.

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Mariana Echeverria, a gypsy-folk musician, founded Passiflora in 2011 after sharing some of her compositions with her closest friends, Tanya Raine and Christine. Echeverria is a very gifted and driven artist with a really special and lovely voice. Hector Morales, Joel Fernandez, Manuel Mora Fairén, and Martha Palacio are now members of the band. Passiflora sings in French, Spanish, and English. Passiflora is the one Costa Rican band you really should check out.

Image from Mundonow

Niño Koi
Rock band Niño Koi plays instrumental music. They are a different genre entirely, not punk rock or even emo. They don't fit into any of the preexisting rock molds. They are a band without a lead vocalist, yet their music doesn't appear to need many lyrics. The four-piece band has returned and is more powerful than before, despite going through some difficult times. They put out a 12-minute song named "Nigredo" in 2017; it includes the elements of a full album.

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Robertas Las
Las Robertas are well-known and adored both domestically and beyond. The two outstanding albums by the garage rock trio are Cry Out Loud and Waves of the Day. They have performed at events all around the world and on tours throughout Europe. When they are in Costa Rica, they also play frequently. Fans, both young and old, can't get enough of the new music that this well-known and incredibly skilled band is continuing to make. Instead of slowing down, they seem to be changing.

Image from Kanines Records

Debi Nova

Costa Rican singer-songwriter Debi Nova has shared stages alongside well-known performers including Ricky Martin, Sean Paul, and the Black Eyed Peas. She lives in Costa Rica and California alternately. She has worked on numerous projects, several of which have received Grammy nominations. This gifted artist is genuinely becoming well-known throughout the world.


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Even among its genres, Costa Rica's independent music scene is among the most varied in all of Latin America. Nakury is living proof of this, as she shows in this performance by sultrily singing over acoustic guitars, rhyming to the beat, and radiating energy in every direction. The young vocalist and emcee creates some of the most captivating, genre-defying music available.



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