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Welcome to  Musicfreakdom. My name is Emmanuel, aka Odogwu Catford.  I am going to be navigating Musicfreakdom from the heights of the funk towers.

These are interesting times, there are big and beautiful changes taking place @musicfreakdom, visible even to all, in fact the way I see it, we would be struggling with dishing out content the way our audience would demand it. 

We have introduced pagination to make things easier for our mobile phone users and this hopefully would be seen across all pages. Kindly check out our arts and pictures page, called Iconic Pictures and Arts page

you would love it.  We would soon launch our You page. And finally we are trying to make our home page more Navigable and pleasing to the Eyes so hopefully do not be surprised to see a brand new home page next week. We would soon edit the video so you could see and hear New Artist.

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Here We roll out the Drums and celebrate the lives of freakdomites. Their happy occasions like birthdays, weddings, Graduations, Launching's and other happy occasions. Feel free to send us lovely pictures and we would post them

 Welcome to the


Page. She is obviously young and would be writing from a young person's perspective. Demographics show our audience are predominantly in the age bracket 24-35 so it is only proper we get someone who could as it were feel their pulse. Toyin is exciting and brilliant. Enjoy!


a Journey through the past with Mr Kolapo Olayiwola, a music aficionado, connoisseur of vintage music get a fresh insight about the struggles of the celebrities from the entertainment encyclopedia himself


Vinyl & Tapes

Welcome to the Vinyl & Tapes page where you get to listen to, and also watch the videos of the top 20 songs that were topping the charts at a particular moment in time. We would direct you to musicfreakdom Youtube channel to see the videos . The page is open to audience participation as we have a comments section where our audience could request for the top 20 songs of the particular year of their choice  and genre of music.


Here at music freakdom there is an unfair bias from the Blog stories for American, European and African Music,  meanwhile we have our audience from across the globe, and Music like beauty is universal, a fine Chinese song would sound fine anywhere in the world it is played, likewise, Indian, Russian, Australian, Brazilian, Cuban, Korean, Arab. I could go on forever.  So it  is our policy henceforth to showcase music and talent from other lands across the world so the world can enjoy a rich musical Heritage please come ride with us. Thanks.


Welcome to the Gracebiz page . This is our lady about town who would keep you Freakdomites up to date with the latest Celebrity gists, she is into the corporate world and she would help advertise your brands and promote your businesses and image. Grace would also showcase your events, like weddings, birthdays, concerts, graduations and all that on this site, so you get to be seen by literally the whole world. Grace is versatile, witty and chatty, visit her page and enjoy exhilarating moments.


Iconic Pictures & Arts Page

This is your page where you post very lovely unique pictures you deem Iconic, we would select the ones that best meet our standards, we would also showcase lovely artworks for art lovers, interested buyers of such work should email us and we direct them to our sales department. Who can truly separate the love of music from the arts.?

Marble Surface

All Videos

All Videos
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Rihanna - Umbrella (Orange Version) (Official Music Video) ft. JAY-Z

Rihanna - Umbrella (Orange Version) (Official Music Video) ft. JAY-Z

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Molla Ft Sound Sultan No Delay.

Molla Ft Sound Sultan No Delay.

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Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time (Official Video)

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time (Official Video)

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Aaliyah 8K - Back and Forth (Remastered ULTRA HD) for 4k and 8k tv

Aaliyah 8K - Back and Forth (Remastered ULTRA HD) for 4k and 8k tv

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