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There is so much more to music, it has been diversified into different categories, and more have been added or discovered. Today's article is about bands in Malaysia. Getting to know the top 10 bands that are highly recognized and appreciated. One of the things about Malaysia is the fact that they produce amazing bands you want to listen to. Their kind of voice and music is special and I guess you would agree to that. So get your playlist ready, you'll want to add some fresh hit collection to it.
















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Founded in January 2012, SOAP has to be one of the fastest rising bands in Malaysia. From watching them live at small gigs, their name started popping up everywhere as they joined several competitions and came up with some creative ways to get their name out there. Their upcoming album “Sleepless In Subang” will be released in early 2017 and it includes this catchy tune:

They remind me a little of Fool’s Gold, Last Dinosaurs, The Roots, Chic, Curtis Mayfield and more, making their music extremely addictive to listen to. SOAP is based in Subang Jaya and possesses a wide array of individuals with different musical backgrounds which lends a hand to their unique sound. They’ve won several awards such as being the Champions at the Battle & Win Contest by Tune Studios in 2014, Top 3 at TigerJams by Tiger Beer in 2016 and more.

SOAP consists of Axl Grey (Lead Guitar), Zijunn Tan (Bass, Vocals), Mikha Chan (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), JJ Michaels (Drums), Jee Yann (Keyboards,Vocals), Josh Ganesan (Lead Vocals).


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The Impatient Sisters have gained a ton of following in Malaysia by having a long repertoire of past shows which includes being the opening act for The Jezabels and for Dia Frampton in The Bee, Publika in 2012 and 2013 respectively. They gave also performed in festivals such as Urbanscapes in 2012 and Kakiseni in 2013, and for multiple launch parties such as for Fred Perry, Hanger Magazine, and Blackberry. What more, they’ve won awards for ‘Best New Find’ in Juice Magazine in 2011 and ‘Artist of the Week’ for MTV Iggy in 2013.The not-so-typical girl bang writes and sings expressive tunes with bouts of romance and depth, blending quirky soul and folk-pop. The three sisters, consisting of Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib, are from Kuantan, and are addicted to making good music and pleasing fans.






















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The entire band has got to be one of the craziest people I’ve ever met and yet they’ve always been also one of the nicest. Their music ranges from… well honestly they play everything; jazz, blues, rock, reggae, pop and even R&B, which gives them the versatility to perform at any event and cater to whatever song your crowd likes.


They’re the winners of aforadio’s Undiscovered 2015 and finalists for TuneTalk’s Rocktheworld 2015, Live House’s Rock the House 2016, and Tiger’s Tiger Jams 2016. They’ve also performed for Dato Siti Nurhaliza and has worked with multinational companies such as BMW, Redbull, AirBnB, Shell and others. Drawing inspiration from all styles of music, TMJB consists of Maha Jeffery (Vocals, Guitar), Prasad Shankar (Lead Guitar), Keith Noel (Bass), Shaun Chen (Keys, Vocals), and Isaac Miranda (Drums).



Kyoto Protocol













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Led by vocalist and guitarist Fuad, the five-piece rock band (formed in 2008) is one of the bands which started the renaissance of Malaysian indie rock scene. It has been performing at major music festivals (such as Urbanscapes and Good Vibes Festival) in its homeland and shares the same stage alongside many international acts. The band’s raw passion in producing music and performing live gigs led them to receive music awards and top local charts. The band has an infectious, experimental sound.


















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Is an award-winning band who has gained fame in the local and international music scene. HUJAN started in 2005 with Noh Salleh creating music demos on MySpace and gathered a following of fans. Deriving motivation from this, the band was formed in 2006. Living and breathing the element they take their name after—HUJAN, which means ‘rain’ in English—their music alternates between the light, heavy and torrential storm as a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas which are embedded in their songs. HUJAN has been on multiple worldwide tours and they are one of the most successful indie bands in Malaysia.


An Honest Mistake













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An Honest Mistake started as an acoustic live project in 2008. Throughout the years, lead vocalist and guitarist Darren Teh and his bandmates have produced music focused on a combination of upbeat pop punk, emotional acoustic ballads, heavy hardcore and innovative electronic. The band collaborated with talented musicians across the world, doing so on its latest album, An Honest Mixtape – a compilation of 16 remix tracks. The band performed across Asia, in Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, India and Taiwan. The group passionately produce their own songs and believe in connecting people through music.


















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RYÖT JONES is the most talked about live jazz rock bands in Malaysia. It’s big, and it sure makes awesome sounds. What stands out from the group’s music and performances is ‘good vibes’ and ‘great energy’. These guys entertain the audience and shake the whole venue with their upbeat and soulful dance tunes. They have plenty of energy song after song when on stage.




Kids on The Move













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If you are a fan of hardcore punk rock music, then you should listen to Kids on The Move. This band has been around in the local punk music scene for almost 14 years. The group toured Malaysia and Southeast Asia and has shared the stage with punk bands such as Whatever That Means, Comeback Kid, The Geeks, Break Even and FC Five. Be prepared to imagine yourself being in the mosh pit with all those other fans headbanging, knocking each other and grabbing the mic to scream their hearts out.Oh Chentaku




Oh Chentaku
















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Oh Chentaku came into the music scene in 2007. Their music is a combination of punk, pop, electro, post-hardcore and experimental tunes. Without signing any major record labels, these guys have been touring thanks to endorsements by local and international brands. The band’s front man, Myo, was the host of local TV shows (Ke Korea Ke Kita, Ke Jepun Ke Kita and Ride Hansem). He has his own web series, Ride Borneo, which follows Myo’s journey across Borneo to discover its rich culture and history.


The Otherside Orchestra











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Formed in 2003, The Otherside Orchestra is an electro rock and roll band comprised of six members. The group was well-known for appearances at popular music festivals like Singapore’s Baybeats and Malaysia’s Rock the World. The band took a three-year hiatus until new front woman Syima joined in 2016. This year, Otherside has come back with a new and improved sound, via the album Disco Chemist. Syima’s beautiful singing voice and dynamic instrument beats will make you groove


















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Also known also M16, Massacre Conspiracy plays melodic metal core music. Founded in 2008, M16 is largely known for their upbeat music and outstanding live performances.

M16 made a name for themselves by building on the momentum of their fruitful singles such as “Start Looking towards the Sky” and “Bloodless”. This led them to produce their full-length album “Lost Holocaust” which was released in 2013. Some other M16’s milestones include playing in the Rock The World stage and Canada’s top annual music festival Envol et Mecadam. Not to forget, they clinched the “Breakthrough Artist” Award at the 8TV’s Shout Award in 2012.

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