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Third World is a Jamaican reggae band that was formed in 1973.

The group has been influential in popularizing reggae music globally and has a history deeply rooted in the development of the genre.

The original members of Third World included guitarist/vocalist Stephen "Cat" Coore, keyboardist Michael "Ibo" Cooper, drummer Carl Barovier, and bassist Richard Daley.

Third World was formed at a time when reggae was gaining international recognition, thanks to artists like Bob Marley and The Wailers.

The band aimed to contribute to the global spread of reggae music.

In the early years, Third World gained popularity in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

They released their self-titled debut album in 1976, which included tracks like "Satta Massagana."

The band's breakthrough to international success came with the release of their album "96 Degrees in the Shade" in 1977. The title track became one of their signature songs.

Third World continued to release successful albums throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, including "Journey to Addis" (1978), "The Story's Been Told" (1979), and "Arise in Harmony" (1980).

Third World collaborated with various artists, including Stevie Wonder on the song "Try Jah Love," which became a major hit in 1982.

Their album "Reggae Ambassadors: 20th Anniversary Collection" (1993) showcased their long-standing contribution to reggae music.

Third World's music evolved over the years, incorporating elements of R&B, funk, and dancehall into their reggae foundation.

This eclectic approach contributed to their appeal to a diverse audience.

The band continued to release albums in the following decades, including "Generation Coming" (1999), "Black, Gold, Green" (2006), and "Under the Magic Sun" (2014).

Despite lineup changes over the years, the core members have remained committed to promoting reggae on the global stage.

Third World has left a lasting impact on reggae music and is often credited with helping to bring the genre to a broader international audience.

They are considered one of the pioneering reggae bands and are known for their socially conscious lyrics and infectious rhythms.

Through their extensive discography and performances worldwide, Third World continues to be celebrated for their contributions to reggae and their role as ambassadors of Jamaican music.

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