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Njacko Backo, is a popular Musician. born in 1958, in Cameroon Njacko Backo entered the career as Musician In his early life after completing his formal education. He is a musician, poet, writer, composer, performer, and choreographer from Cameroon. He was born in 1958 and raised in a very musical family. He spent most of his childhood in a village called Bazou in western Cameroon where he was introduced to music. Like most children in his village, he began playing percussion and making instruments. However, with his Grandmother’s assistance, Njacko met with the elders of the village who taught him to play music. He studied drumming (toum and kak), kalimba (also called the thumb piano, however, he plays with his fingers), percussion (various instruments), and an African harp called zaa koua.


Njacko currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but he first arrived in Montréal, Quebec in 1989. He worked with other African artists, including the late Boubacar Diabaté, Oumar Diayé, and dancer Zab Maboungou. He formed his band Njacko Backo and Kalimba in 1990 and has independently released a total of 11 full-length albums to date. Njacko has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Louisiana Folk Festival (Lafayette, LA) and the Houston International Jazz Festival (Houston, TX), among countless other events. He has also composed music for films including To Walk with Lions, Born Free, and Spirit in the Tree.In addition to music, Njacko also teaches extensively in the Greater Toronto Area through an organization called Mariposa in the Schools. He has produced three instructional African drumming CDs and instructional DVDs.

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Njacko created his band, Njacko Backo and Kalimbas at Work, in 2014. His first children's album J'aime Mon Ecole was nominated for the 2021 Juno Award. As is always the case with Njacko, this group’s performance style brings the audience to its feet. The musicians’ positive and passionate performances inspire their audiences to feel joy and take pride in Canada’s tremendous diversity. In a society too often divided, music like theirs reminds us of what we share, and unites us as a community. They effortlessly blur the line between audience and performers by warmly encouraging audience members to respond to the music through movement and voice.

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Bamileke Reggae(1986)

Le Destin (1988)

Aventure au Desert (1989-1992)

Resurrection (1987-1992)

Nkoni (1996)

Lode Yeuk (1999)

Kakoua (2000)

The Conscience of Africa (2003)

Ba Ba Oh (2006)

Ou est l’Amour [Where is the Love] (2011)

Ici Bas Rien Nest Impossible (2013


From his early days as a marginalized child in Cameroon, Njacko has risen above tough circumstances to become a living testament to the transformative power of music. Njacko is known as an animator who connects with audiences from all walks of life, and delivers his lyrics straight from his heart to yours. Deeply rooted in the traditions of Cameroon, the quartet features the kalimba (African thumb piano) and ngoni (African harp) in unique configurations that speak to your soul.

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