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Lagos boy. Dr Godson Jideonwo.

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Our first guest is Dr Godson Jideonwo, a supersocial Doctor, music buff, dancer,comic collector, and a Lagos Boy proper.

Music Freakdom, Dr Godson can you tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, likes, your childhood, education and your views of contemporary music and old school.?

Dr Godson: my name is Dr Godson Jideonwo and i live in Surulere Lagos Nigeria. I was born in Lagos in the sixties and had an interesting childhood. I can say i am a proper Lagos boy who enjoyed Lagos in the sixties and seventies, i attended Surulere Baptist Primary school, from there i proceeded to the famous CMS grammar School Bariga and from there went to the University of Port Harcourt, where i studied medicine and surgery.

From the age of 6 i had started loving music and i used to dance to the music of James Brown, Otis Reddings and the likes of Ken Lazarus. I also liked the music of sir, Victor Uwaifo. We danced to such James Brown hits, like " Black and Proud" " Sex Machine"

From the mid seventies in my teenage years up till the eigthies it was all about partying, going to literary and debating society parties, house parties with my gees.

The sounds that were the rave then were the likes of " sister sledge" " black blood" kool and the gang" Bar kays" "funkadelic" " parliament" just to mention a few.

The parties continued up to the University in the eigthies and the nineties. I was called a funky Doctor and students and lecturers wondered aloud how i could combine my socials with a serious course like medicine. To the glory of God i survived and i am today a Doctor.

I loved dancing and my junior brother (pastor Dickson) and i were the soul of the party. We were such good dancers that our house in Surulere was a meeting point for all the guys, some of whom came to learn new dance steps from my brother and i. Friends like, Gbenga Ajumobi, Ralphie blow, Erikefe, Ben Okonta, Samco Ajufo, Peter Mordi, Chukuma Ezeji, Segun Ilori, late Adewale Koiki, to mention a few. I was also a collector of music sets. These consumed all my savings, i would rather starve than not record music in cassettes. If i recall very well i had Silver and President 3 in 1 radio cassette recorder.

I have not lost my passion for music since i became a qualified medical Doctor in the nineties. I still collect musical equipments and it has been the cause of many a fight between my wife and i, who thinks i should have a better use for money.

My current music set is LG make and i must mention i have used Sharp in the past.

The sounds i listen to now and play when i am free from my tight schedule are old school jams of the late seventies and eighties. I also listen to contemporary music played by the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Tuface, Flavor, other Afro hip hop artists and of course hip hop, and R and B from Europe and America. Of course my preference is " old school" any day.

I got married in 2002 to my sweetheart Regina and we are blessed with 4 lovely daughters. Outside music i like watching football and i go to relaxation spots like, Lounge 38, Beer Hugz, Chinese Western.

I must say i catch all my fun around Surulere.

Music Freakdom, Doki, could you give us your 10 all time best songs and their artists, we would also like to know your views on popular youth culture?.

My best 10 all time music are as follows;

1. Joy Sims - come in to my life

2. Funkadelic - one nation under a grove

3. Bootsy Collins - F encounter

4. Bar Kays - move your boogie body

5. Patrice Rushen - forget me

6. 10cc- dreadlock holiday

7. Sister Sledge - crazy dancer

8. Imagination - just an illusion

9. Kurtis Blow- Basket ball.

10. Tupac - dear mama.

There is no basis for comparing old school music and contemporary music, the old school music were composed and arranged and instrumentation was done by real humans. But comtemporary music, after the lyrics are done, the instrumentation is synthesized on the computer, thus lacking originality and sounding monotonous

The youth culture of today particularly the sagging of trousers to reveal sometimes not

so clean boxers, i find funny, but the who am i to condemn, i have had my time. I do like clean, well maintained dreadlocks. I am sorry i am not a fan of body mutilation, by that i mean tattooing and body piercing.

Music Freakdom, Doki, on a final note, could you give us a glimse of your typical day.?

A typical working day for me, particularly on a weekday begins with me attending to patients at General Hospital Lagos. When i am done and i get home, i attend to family matters, i hardly play music, though i watch musical videos shown on the TV stations, they mostly play contemporary music. But come weekends when i am free, i go gaga and blast my old school sometimes to the consternation of my neighbors.


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Godson Jideonwo
Godson Jideonwo

Emma,you are the bomb.

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