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Kings of Rock 'n' Roll I

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

There is a great controversy about who is the king of Rock and Roll between Little Richard and Elvis Presley, the former being black and the latter white, we at Musicfreakdom being mindful of the racism that is in the world would not join the argument about who is the king, Hence the Caption Kings of Rock and Roll, we going to feature Elvis and Little Richard so the choice is yours as to who you think is King. of course there are other legends of Rock and Roll like, Bill Halley, Chuck Berry and others .

Elvis Presley, Early life

Elvis Aaron Presley referred to as the King of Rock and Roll, and still attracting huge crowds to Graceland yearly and still making huge money to his estate posthumously after dying in 1977 was born in 1935 January. In Tupelo Mississippi, his parents were Christians of the Pentecostal faith and were not rich. His Christian background was very evident in the good gospel numbers he did.

Young Elvis With His Parents

I guess Elvis's career could be said to have started after his mum bought him a guitar for his 11th birthday in 1946, from there he was everywhere doing talent shows, he graduated from high school in 1953 and worked a couple of odd jobs whilst pursuing his career


He recorded his 1st song in 1954 under the producer Sam Philips and the single was titled "that's all right" If there ever was a good looking white man Elvis was it. His good looks and and unique music style started attracting wide audiences. In 1955 he signed with RCA records and recorded " Heartbreak Hotel"

Heartbreak Hotel Album Sleeve

The popularity of Heartbreak hotel soon landed him a role in in movie in 1956, that was a box office hit called " love me tender"

Elvis's music and film career was abruptly ended although temporarily when he received his draft notice and was subsequently inducted into the army.

Elvis induction Ceremony into Military service

Elvis in the Army ( Military Service)

Elvis was deployed to Germany where he served and in the course of his deployment his mum died and he was granted leave to return home for her burial after which he returned to Germany. His sojourn with the Army ended in 1960 when he was discharged.

Elvis had earlier married a lady called Priscilla when he was granted leave to bury his mother. He resumed his career again in 1960 after his discharge and was soon back in the charts with the soundtrack of the Film " GI Blues"

GI Blues Album sleeve

Elvis continued recording music and acting in films such as " Blue Hawaii" 1961, "Girls! Girls!Girls!" 1962 and " Viva Las Vegas" 1964. Elvis Presley seemed to make more money from his films and soundtracks than from his albums, and though loved by many as the King of Rock and Roll he was soon becoming unattractive at the box office. His marriage to Priscilla produced a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley in 1968

Elvis and Priscilla

In 1968 accompanying his comeback was a TV special referred to as "68 special"

Fame and wealth soon brought the their demons to Elvis, enormous pressures to meet up with the demands of superstardom soon led Elvis to drugs, a lot of Prescription painkillers and other substances and his marriage soon hit crisis and he and Priscilla soon divorced in 1973. Priscilla was given the custody of their daughter Lisa Marie. The King of Rock and Roll was still a top draw despite all his problems. In Vegas and other Showbiz capitals of the World, the Cultural icon that was Elvis was much sought after.

The Prescription drugs taken by Elvis for pains soon made him become bloated in size and gave him heart problems. After returning from a concert in Indianapolis in 1977 he was back home in Graceland Memphis when he suffered a heart attack on the 16th August 1977 at the age of 42.

We are very sure most people are familiar with the story of Elvis the king of Rock and Roll so music freakdom is not doing anything new. What we would like to leave you guys with are his good looks and his iconic fashion style that still sets the trend till date. and on the dates set aside as Elvis day, People the world over try to reenact his dress style. We leave you freakdomites some images of the great Cultural and Music Icon, The King of Rock'n' Roll. Elvis Aaron Presley

Style With Elvis

Style with Elvis

Style with Elvis

Style with Elvis

Many thanks to Wikipedia and the Autobiography of Elvis and of course the various media whose images we have used.

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Emmanuel Jideonwo
Emmanuel Jideonwo
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Godson Jideonwo
Godson Jideonwo
01 de jun. de 2020

Beautiful piece.Thanks for giving me a broader knowledge of the musical icon called Elvis Presley.He was such a handsome man.

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