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Jeffrey Osborne and Peabo Bryson are both accomplished American R&B and soul singers who have had successful careers in the music industry.

Jeffrey Osborne was born on March 9, 1948, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He is known for his smooth and soulful voice and is recognized for his contributions to R&B, pop, and soul music.

Jeffrey Osborne was the lead singer of the band L.T.D. (Love, Togetherness, and Devotion) in the 1970s, and he became famous for hits like "Love Ballad." He embarked on a successful solo career in the 1980s, with chart-topping songs like "On the Wings of Love," "You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)," and "Stay with Me Tonight."

Peabo Bryson was born on April 13, 1951, in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

He is best known for his romantic and soulful ballads and is renowned for his contributions to R&B, pop, and adult contemporary music.

Peabo Bryson has had a long and successful career and is famous for recording numerous duets with female artists, including "Beauty and the Beast" with Celine Dion and "A Whole New World" with Regina Belle, which was the theme song for Disney's animated film Aladdin.

Some of his other popular songs include "If Ever You're in My Arms Again," "Feel the Fire," and "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love."

Both Jeffrey Osborne and Peabo Bryson have made significant contributions to the world of music and have a dedicated fan base. They are known for their distinctive voices and have left a lasting impact on the R&B and soul genres.

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