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One main virtue that keeps Nigerian afrobeat artists soaring and unbeatable is their hard working mindset.

They understood it's not about entertainment but a socio-cultural movement led by Nigerian artists and consciously moving and nobody seems to be noticing it. Their songs are basically about the promotion of the beauty,strength of Africa, they don't sing about guns, bitches and drugs. Nigerian are being envied by other African countries because they have global backing up record label,the biggest record labels are in Nigeria example are Marvins record.

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Davido is signed by Sunny, not sunny Nigeria the whole sunny in America one but they have their headquarters in Nigeria, and these record labels have Disc jockey (DJs) in all 54 the other Africa countries, they have there radio station on there payroll if they want to promote an artist all they need to do is to play there payrolls on the radio stations.

Apparently,not only that, they have been signed by International brands as an ambassador, they have been paid and they solely worked hard to earn It, that is why they can't compete with other African countries artists.

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For instance, Rhema and all other upcoming Nigerian artists have been promoted globally by the bigger ones that have paved the way in the music industry globally.

Another thing is that the Afrobeat is the new wave. It was heard that the top 3 Ghanaian artists claimed to be Jamaican , which was absolutely not it. The old artists are trying to compete with the Jamaican music that seems not to be invoked unlike years past but younger Ghanaian artists are getting more attention than the old ones because they caught up with the new waves. Only if other African countries can humbly learn from Nigerian then envying their achievements so far because they are not stopping anytime soon.

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Opportunist Nigerians took Ghanaian and some other African countries sound and they blend with it to make good music, they also use different African languages in there songs, for example Patoranking used "zulu" in one of his track, Yemi Alade spoke Swahili, even Teckno mentioned"my Ugandan lady" hailing African women in his song. No other country is trying to sound like Nigerian but the Nigerians are trying to sound like other African countries by using their languages and names, they don't use Nigerian languages in their songs and sometimes get pissed off when their language or names are being used. News shows that Ghanaians only put Ghana on the world map while Nigerians put the toe map of Africa on the world map.

Nigerians are global and more than an Africanist, they are trying to conquer the world but Ghanaian,Cameron Ugandan are struggling to collaborate and conquer Nigerian.

Nigerians are hardworking without the support of the government,even though the law was there but most of them don't sleep, they suffer with light(generator), make-up artist and so on, they spend days and night ensuring that their video shooting comes out successful .

Nigeria Diaspora is another point to attract jealousy from other countries, they are so patriotic, there's something when it comes to Nigeria music, in every party they want to play Nigeria music, they share with their friends and play, like no verbal communication and when a Nigeria artist travels out to perform abroad, the music recognized by the audience.

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Also, Nigerians use non conventional medium platforms like tik tok, Instagram, Facebook, they employ this channel to promote their music by paying influencers to dance to their music, this is what they do, while other Ghanaian are trying to go with Nigeria DJs to air their music. It's a global movement, now nobody can change it, take for instance, "Ckay" Love Wantiti rose to fame through TikTok. Gone are the days they used white skin ladies but now they are meeting afrocentric movements around the world, they've come to realize that it's beyond Nigerians, the movement is Afro-centric movement. Many Nigerians like Helen that claimed to be Jamaican in the UK because she feels ashamed that she's an African now is proud to be identified as a Nigerian because of the good work the Afrobeat industry is accomplishing.

Conclusively, Nigerian afrobeats are dominating the music world because music is life, and most people's day seems to be well spent because of the vibes they obtain from music everyday.

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