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In 2021, Cameron refused a popular Nigerian hip-hop artist 'JOE BOY' from performing a live show in Cameron because they felt threatened by Nigerian artists, artists that Cameroonian listen to Nigerian songs the most more than their own country produced music. Some music producers in Cameroon retorted that cameronite must learn to accept and encourage their own artists by listening and following them, even radio stations, DJs have been rebuked to stop playing Nigerian songs for hours in Cameroon.

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From a live talk show, they confirmed that Cameroon is copying Nigerians in music, comedy, and other forms of entertainment. In the midst of the rant going on in Cameroon against Nigerian, a popular Cameron music producer still insisted on bringing Naira Marley to perform on Feb 14,2021.

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Pancho Cy of Cameroon says... As a businessman, he needs to make profit a because he lamented about the lost loss some months back when he organized a show and invited some Cameroon artists to perform. Then he figured out the issue is a big problem that requires attention. He knew Marlians will not care about Naira Marley's visit to Cameron unlike other artists like "Kiss Daniel". Marketing-wise Naira Marley is the reigning star.

Diamond platinum was one of the best in Africa as in 2021 the diamond maker from East Africa had a collaboration with Davido, somebody connected Davido with him.

Cy's intention of bringing 'Naira' is for them to collaborate with him. Nigerian sounds are the best and it's very obvious that Cameron copies it.

The top best music management is found in Nigeria, which was Cameroon were lacking and they're trying to force Cameronite to listen to the music, up to gospel music, Nigerian Gospel artists have taken over. Some other issues that Cameron has are Structural issues, policies which are recorded to be 60/40.

Nigerian afrobeat has a rigid policy in industry, laws that regulate Nigeria music are protected by the government. Another example, of South Africa's policies, is that they play their music the most on all music platforms.

Another thing is the quality of the music. Nigeria afrobeat releases music back to back while Cameroon top musicians release one music in a whole year.

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Nigeria is so blessed with so many music artists because they always redefine the music quality, drum pattern, unique lines, languages, and most especially their sounds which makes any listener know it's from Nigeria

Nigerian music is mostly played on the Trace Africa Hip-Hop channel because of its quality. They maintain fans' attention on them by introducing skits, dance and so much lifestyle to their music, Nigerian Afrobeats is good in Management, Marketing, Branding, and Lifestyle with their pictures.

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