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Effizzy things.

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Here we want to examine the lifestyle of young people, thier dress patterns, mannerisms, and the kind of must have gadgets they seek, the music they listen to. We would sometimes showcase the businesses and the people that make these youngstars tick. We would start off by talking about mobile phones, the number one must have gadget for the young people who populate music freakdom.

It is not uncommon to see today's youth wearing torn faded jeans with Nike trainers or any other top brand like Jordan, adidas, they have tattoed bodies and some have body piercings. Some like in Europe and America and some parts of Africa like to sagg their trousers. As you travel from country to country the dressings may differ but one common denominator among all of them are smart phones or mobile or cell phones as we like to call it. Much has been written about the harmful effects of prolonged use of mobile phones, effects like radiation, falling prey to scams, mobile phone stalking, and the corruptive influence of pornography on youth. Be that as it may, what cannot be argued from Cape to Cairo, from Los Angeles to Lagos is the fact that the mobile phone you carry sometimes define your class.

There are two kinds of mobile gadgets that trend for freakdom youths, these are the popular android phones and Apple phones.

There are loads of android phone makers but we will focus on the popular ones like Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and 1001 various manufacturers from China, Japan and you name it.

We cannot feature all of them in this write up.


Sansung is one of the most reliable android phone makers, headquartered in South Korea. They make very rugged, reliable and beautiful phones that are used the world over. It is rumored they have the largest share of the mobile phone market. The are arguably the most available phone that dignify the freakdom user with some modicum of prestige.

Among the popular brands are Samsung galaxy, S10, S9, S8, S7, S6, J7, J3 to mention a few. Your economic power will determine which one you purchase. Each succeeding brand has more effizzy than the previous. In advanced countries you could purchase them via contracts through mobile service providers. In third world countries of Africa you have fork out raw cash for them.

This sleek top of the range elite phone that sets you apart from the crowd and shows you are an elite would set you back a cool $899. If you are in Africa and cannot afford this phone, please wait for your time and do not engage in runs as Samsung have lower range phones like the J7

This sleek middle range phone that can allow you freakdom express yourself will set you back about $170. This is rather modest an amount for a cool phone.

This is galaxy J3 a very rugged efficient smart phone that can do all things. It is highly affordable, though i cannot say if it would give you bragging rights in the Western world. For a freakdom guy it could get you a girlfriend in Uganda.


This is another south Korean giant phone maker. They have an appreciable market share and carrying an LG phone means you are trendy, you might not have the bragging rights of a samsung galaxy S10 owner. ( highly debatable) you may also feel a little inadequate near an iphone user, also debatable. Please freakdom youth consider the phone below and do your research.

The sheer aesthetics, elegance and features of this LG V50 phone will belie the claim of the superiority of iphone. This sleek phone would set you back a cool $1060. So guys pls double your hustle.

Another sleek classy phone from the LG stable is the LG G8 Phone

This beauty would set you back a cool $749.


This giant from China were reknowned for being experts in wireless communications, particularly in the making of routers. Their foray into the mobile phone business has been profitable. They make phones that have the best cameras in the business. Among their brands are the following, Huawei mate pro, Huawei P20 pro. It is said that the youth in China and Japan use more sophisticated phones than those in the


Huawei phones are by no means cheap and to afford the one above you must be loaded with at least $750.

We cannot showcase all the mobile phone manufacturers as it will be too exhaustive. Having said that, this mobile phone listing would not be complete without showcasing the king of smart phones. The must have phone, that shows you are a savvy youth who knows what time it is.


This most liquid company in the globe that produces the most sought after device on the planet,is the making of two Steves.

Job and Wozniaki. Apple is the phone for who is who, and it was once said Apple would rather dump their products in the sea than make it cheap for the masses to buy. Such is their confidence.

They started from iphone 1 and have since evolved to iphone X you also have them in the S range e.g 4S, 5S, 6S 7S and so on. The S range being more sophisticated. The i stands for interractive and if you have not used one,you have not used a phone they claim.

Iphone 8 and 7 would cost upwards of $700.

They become more pricey with more features and memory.

The usefulness of mobile phones to the youth goes beyond effizzy ( effects) it is as though their very lives depend on it. It is like the oxygen they need to live. Without their mobiles how would they twit, facebook, google, You tube, whats app, instagram and message themselves. Please dont tell me about tablets, lap tops and desk tops as they do not fit into the pocket.

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