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At Musicfreakdom it's our utmost priority that you, our audience get all stories in the most entertaining way about every artist that cuts across the world.We recently launched our new  page!“New on the Block" ! Made specially to add spice ! Finesse ! Sauce and even pepper ! to the blog. 


This page is all about feeding our Freakdomite with enough juicy tales !The sumptuous gist too, of songs, and artists who are yet to come to the limelight of recognition and fame;The forte of our up and coming artiste!


And you won’t believe the  side attractions;Uploads of any new jam !the newest ,straight from the oven. Drum rolls everybody as we are about to get everyone lit! Every paragraph of this new read will take you on an adventure!

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Grace left high school early and relocated to Gainesville, Florida, where she focused on Against Me! She began by playing acoustic guitar while panhandling, but soon Against Me! grew into a full band and in 2002, the independent No Idea label released their debut album, Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose. In 2005, Searching for a Former Clarity made it into the Billboard Top 200, which led to the band's later-year contract with Sire. Their major-label debut, New Wave, was released in 2007. A year later, Grace released Heart Burns, a politically motivated solo EP.

Following those unsuccessful auditions, she decided to pursue music, writing songs for McGraw (2014's "Last Turn Home") and Clarkson (2015's "Stay With Me") "Third Wind). She persisted in her singing, though, and in late 2015 she self-released an EP with the same name on Spotify. One month later, Columbia Nashville gave her a recording contract after she amassed 2.5 million streams in one month. Morris, who began with modest performances before serving as an opener for artists such as Little Big Town and Chris Stapleton, has said that choosing to pursue art was not a conscious choice.


In 2003, two mail-order-only albums, Weed and War Crime Blues, followed the austere, naked, and captivating Hotel Vast Horizon. Between Hotel Vast Horizon and his next studio album, Soft Dangerous Shores, released in 2005, the two casual albums served as filler. For the majority of 2005, Whitley was on the road, but problems from lung cancer prompted him to postpone his remaining appearances by mid-October. On November 20, 2005, he passed away at home. 2007 saw the publication of Whitley's final album, Dislocation Blues, a joint effort with Australian blues guitarist Jeff Lang. Whitley's solo performance from 2003, On Air, which only included his guitar, was released in 2008.

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On November 5, 1991, in Sydney, Australia, Flume was born. His father, Glen Streten, is a well-known record producer and director, and his mother, Lyndall Streten, was a teacher. He attended Seaforth Public School for his elementary education. He also has an older sister. He attended Brookvale's St. Augustine College and Mosman High School for his secondary education. When he was thirteen, he started creating his music.

Proceeding to visit all through 2015, the pair entered the studio to record their presentation collection, with the subsequent Terrible Cherries showing up in the U.S. on Father/Girl Records in September. Acquiring rave surveys for their interpretation of strange troublemaker, the collection was given the next year in the U.K. furthermore, Europe on Super frightening. Following the outcome of their presentation, the team endorsed Polyvinyl records in late 2016 and started recording their sophomore effort, Event.

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