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When Maren Morris was only 12 years old, she started writing and singing music at nearby honky-tonks. She relocated to Nashville eight years later to seek a career in country music. She started concentrating on songwriting, composing songs for Kelly Clarkson and Tim McGraw, before going back to her performing roots with the release of an eponymous EP. She released Hero, her maiden album for a big label, in 2016. She received four Grammy nominations and one victory in 2017 for her debut hit, "My Church."














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Greg and Kellie Morris, owners of a salon, welcomed their son Morris into the world on April 10, 1990, in Arlington, Texas. At her parents' gatherings, she first started singing Patsy Cline and LeAnn Rimes karaoke tunes. The singer started honing her writing abilities in school by creating stories and poems. Her father gave her her first guitar when she was 12 years old, at which point she began penning song lyrics and playing small-town events. Patty Griffin, the Dixie Chicks, and Sheryl Crow were early influences for Morris, who stated, "I started playing throughout Texas - any bar or club that would let me in there." "I was the only student in my class who worked on the weekends!" Even though she had a large country sound, She has referred to herself as a "gangster June Carter" and attracted notice by fusing many genres.


Nashville and Songwriting











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When Morris was 20 years old, her friend and fellow Texan Kacey Musgraves encouraged her to move to Nashville to further her musical career. Morris did so. Her first heartbreaks came after she tried out for The Voice and American Idol but was turned down for both shows. Now as she looks back, she is appreciative of the setbacks. "When I consider all the freaking talent shows I've auditioned for throughout my life, I'm so happy I didn't get any of them... I'm happier now as a result "Previously, she spoke with Rolling Stone Country.


Following those unsuccessful auditions, she decided to pursue music, writing songs for McGraw (2014's "Last Turn Home") and Clarkson (2015's "Stay With Me") "Third Wind). She persisted in her singing, though, and in late 2015 she self-released an EP with the same name on Spotify. One month later, Columbia Nashville gave her a recording contract after she amassed 2.5 million streams in one month. Morris, who began with modest performances before serving as an opener for artists such as Little Big Town and Chris Stapleton, has said that choosing to pursue art was not a conscious choice. "More importantly, was I prepared to face my point of view? I would have been content to merely write songs, but a voice in my head kept telling me to sing these.


First Grammy win/Album









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She released Hero, her major label debut album, as well as her number-one song, "My Church," in 2016. Hero and "My Church" both peaked at No. 1 on the country charts; the latter earned her a Grammy at the ceremony the following year. She received three further Grammy nominations in 2017, including one for Best New Singer, making her the most-nominated country artist of the year. Morris received five CMA nominations in 2016 in addition to her Grammy nominations, and she also won the Best New Artist prize.

For her hit song, "I Could Use a Love Song," she was nominated for a Grammy once more in 2018. This time, it was for Best Country Solo Performance.


Tours and Collaboration 










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Keith Urban's summer 2016 Ripcord World Tour in support of Hero featured Morris as his opening act. She later joined Sam Hunt on his 15 in a 30 Tour after performing as the opening act on her tour in early 2017. She will serve as Niall Horan's opening act throughout Oceania and North America during the second half of his Flicker World Tour in June 2018.

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