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The aesthetics of colors cannot be underrated. It has a way to spawn out the uniqueness of a person. But, when it’s not properly used or combined it becomes awful and displeasing to the eye. We all know that colors help in brightening up our mood and also connote meaning most times. So, let's assume we all know what the Primary and Secondary Colors are. But, there are also some interesting kinds of Colors we haven’t really paid attention to which I will love to share with the other kinds of colors with you, hope you love them.


The Tertiary Colors: These are a combination of primary and secondary colors. You get shades like mint, aqua, coral, etc.


The Warm Colors are colors that make things look smaller and that's why most of us prefer wearing them. Colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, etc.

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The Neutral Colors are self-explanatory. These are just plain and subdued colors. Colors like white, Grey, black, taupe, etc. They look so calm and can be combined with any other colors of your choice.

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Everyone has a unique coloring, depending on the color of your hair, eyes, skin and many other factors. The easiest way to know what color that befit you is to check these few tips out;


  • Experimenting with colors: this first step gives you room to identify those shades of colors that best suits you. Enjoy Playing with colors, and also pay attention to people's compliment whenever you put on a particular shade.


  • Replicating: Next time you decide to wear an outfit or accessory in a more rousing color than normal try to clone it with a second wear. For instance, if you're wearing a Grey blouse, try to match it with a bag or shoe in the same color. It creates a harmonious look.


  • Acclimate the color chosen to a context/situation: It is useful to adapt a color to a specific situation, you can choose a bright and lively color on a day, when you want to be noticed or get the attention from the opposite gender. On the other hand, For a job interview in an ultra-formal work environment, it will be useful to opt for neutral and soft shades which transfuse professionalism.


For the ladies, bright colors look elegant on you mixed with a cool, or warm colors. I'm just going to share five with you.

Green and Yellow Combination





Photo Credit : Shutterstock



Orange and Blue Combination

I love this combination because it calls attention and brightens up your complexion.

Image: Pinterest

Tan and Maroon Combination

Tan and maroon color are so classic and interesting in combination to look out for especially when going on a vacation or hangouts.

Pic from Shutterstock

Purple and White Combination

Special meetings, Presentations at office or you looking for a business outfit, then this is for you.

Image: Shutterstock

Purple and Coral  Color

This color is so cool and pleasant to the eye. It has a way of lightning up a dull atmosphere. For shopping, house wear or you just want to visit a friend this combo is the best to try out.
























For the guys neutral or plain colors look great on you, the striped shades are not left out. For a business look, events and Vacation Try any of these five colors combo will be fantastic. But you can also give it a try in choosing other colors that make you bring out your masculine looks.


Brown and Rich Wine Combination
















The White and Khaki Combination


Light Grey Mixed with Red















Striped and a Plain Color




Grey Blue with Denim


Image: Pinterest

That is all about the color combination Dress Code. Don’t forget to share with us your favorite colors by commenting below. Thank you.

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