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Though it was great to share our top albums of the year in the dance/electronic and hip-hop/R&B categories, we now have the opportunity to look ahead to 2024. We're constantly working hard to keep an eye on the constantly changing music scene, and now we've had the pleasure of putting together a list of musicians that we believe have a lot of potential for success in the coming year. Here is our list of artists to watch in 2024, regardless of whether they are about to explode from the underground, establish themselves as festival mainstays, or win over fans worldwide. We believe that every artist has the potential to be successful, thus these are included in no particular order. Make sure you scroll all the way down to see everyone we selected. Have fun!










Image from BearMusic


The dynamic French pair has become well-known following the cultural effect of Fred again. Using 360° cameras and captivating AI graphics, the siblings have produced their own video in a distinctive, uncensored style. They recently recorded a DIY movie in their Parisian apartment that showcases their vivacious personality and Boiler Room-esque demeanor. Jersey is set to become a global sensation in 2024, having already made waves in the French electronic dance scene.






Image Music Essentials


This year, the Chicago-based trio appeared out of nowhere. Their sound blends dubstep, bass, and dance music with a distinctly Chicago influence. Their greatest claim to fame was their performance at the famous Honeycomb stage during their Electric Forest debut, which has since gone viral. They have already released music on Big Beat, Jadū Dala, and Deadbeats, and their huge SoundCloud remixes are making waves on the internet. 






Image from SongKicks


The iconic return of Pretty Lights was undoubtedly one of the greatest events of the year. However, we also need to remember the artists who continued the work while he was away. Austin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Antone gained notoriety during the pandemic and has continued to grow ever since. He's successfully focused on creating his own distinct kind of soulful electronic music, fusing vintage samples, groovy beats, and funky horns to hit all the right notes. He is preparing for his opening performance at CloZee's NYE Microworlds event and has already established himself as a reliable presence on the festival scene.



Image from Relentless Beats

Unquestionably, one of the most promising new names in bass music is Tape B. In a day when nostalgia seems to be in vogue, Tape B manages to encapsulate classic dubstep in his own songs. Thanks to his unofficial SoundCloud mixtape series, Driptapes and Vibe Check, he has developed a cult-like following and already attracted the attention of progressive labels including Deadbeats, UKF, Subsidia, WAKAAN, and Wubaholics. Additionally, he is preparing for his largest headline performance to date, which takes place at Denver's Ogden Theatre over two nights later this week.







Image from NME



MAFRO was raised in North London by an Irish father and a Trinidadian mother. His older sister would play UK Garage and R&B, and the house was always filled with a combination of traditional Irish songs and Soca beats mixed with steel pans. His music exhibits this diverse range of influences, which has led to collaborations with TSHA, Aluna, Ellie Goulding, Gregory Porter, and Diplo.









Image from NME


Australian triple-threat producer, songwriter, and DJ Ninajirachi is without a doubt one of the most exciting up-and-coming electronic producers out there and has been making waves in the music scene for a few years now. She's been blazing her own trail with a sound that exudes a luxurious, rich ambiance and a faultless touch in the studio. She has already released music on notable labels such as NLV, Sable Valley, and mau5trap, and she is set to take another significant step in 2024.





Image from SoundCloud


Mary Droppinz started off as a DJ in the LA underground scene. She switched to Twitch after the pandemic struck, where she attracted a devoted following of house and techno enthusiasts. She creates songs that inspire her and transforms her love of music into dynamic DJ performances that rock dance floors across the globe. Her taste for break, acid, techno, and all things off-kilter has made her stand out as one of the most intriguing up-and-coming dance music talents.











Image from Isomniac



San Diego-based DJ and producer Rommii, a gifted Mexican-American, is well-known for his distinctive and adaptable style of house music. Even if the emerging stutter house genre undoubtedly had an effect, Rommii has set himself apart with unique and varied sounding productions. For this young producer, the possibilities are endless, and we see some major name collaborations in his future.





Image from Rolling Stone

The diversity within the drum & bass genre is growing along with the genre's global success. Kenya Grace, a singer-songwriter and producer, with a remarkably distinct style of liquid drum and bass that sounds entirely original. Singing on her own songs, she pushes the boundaries of liquid drum & bass while bringing in a softer, almost pop-like element. Leading a new generation of drum and bass producers on the internet, Kenya Grace is going it alone and unapologetically.







Image from Notion


The UK has had a huge impact on music around the world. Drill, a thriving music that combines dancehall, hip-hop, and trap, is one that hasn't yet made its way into the US. One of the most intriguing musicians is BXKS, who has distinguished herself from the crowd with her sound that pushes boundaries. Skepta, among others, has already commended her, and it appears that she has high goals for the upcoming year.




Image from Spin

The bass producer from Los Angeles has been steadily moving up the ranks lately, although his sound is by no means the only one. His bass music makes you want to run through a wall because it blends parts of heavy metal with west coast bass music. When you combine that with incredible graphic design abilities, Meduso is poised to rise even farther in 2024.

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